Eating from the Garden Again and the Little Activist

In the afternoon I picked a huge salad for a party we’re going to this evening. All of this is from our garden: Lettuce, mache, minutina, sorrel, claytonia (with flowers), radicetta, kale, chard, lamb’s quarters Amie will eat only greens from our garden. Yesterday after school she got to go with my friend M and […]


Discovered over the last couple of months: neighbor who can help me identify wild edible mushrooms neighbor who can help me dispatch a chicken to my freezer once the time comes neighbor who can darn the holes in my favorite ten-year-old sweater neighbors with whom to share seeds and gardening schedules neighbor who can take […]

A Pattern Language for Building for Life: Positive Outdoor Spaces

I got Christopher Alexander(’s A Pattern Language from the library a few days back and am just blown away by it. This man had such humble, democratic insights into the task of the architect and a real feel for natural, beautiful,  human and humane living spaces. His book first proposes patterns for building cities, towns, neighborhoods. About […]