“Dimming the Sun”

Complacency  I probably shouldn’t have watched “Dimming the Sun” on NOVA/PBS yesterday. Did you see it?  I stumbled upon the last half hour of the program by accident and by the time it was over, all the old feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and inadequacy made their comeback. And of course, whenever they do that, they are worse […]

I’m a Farmer Now

I got weed juice seemingly permanently rubbed into my fingers, dirt under my fingernails, my first case of “hoe-neck,” scratches all over my arm from the squash plants, a little back ache, a mild sunburn… When I proudly mentioned this litany to my friend, she said: – “Honey! You’re a gardener now.” I raised my hand to […]

iPhone vs. Moleskine, Da Vinci Code vs. Umberto Eco

Two conversations. The Future: Star Trek or Middle Ages? We were noting all those people cueing up in front of the stores to get their hands on an iPhone. – “Idiotic,” I judged, “an irrelevant piece of junk”. – “Sacrilege!” DH countered – he’s not wanting to get an iPhone, he was just defending what […]

Homesteading for a Happier Child and Community

Dreaming We are dreaming about moving to a new place. For us that means selling this one and buying another one of approximately the same price, which means that, if we want to move, we need to move out- out of Brookline. We’re currently in a 1050 sq.f. basement apartment in a condominium. We adore […]

Ecological Manifest

The world outside Sometimes I wish I never had to leave the house – even though “the house” is a small and light-deficient, though blissfully cool, basement apartment. “Leaving” means going out into the din of air conditioners and leaf blowers (see yesterday’s post). It means walking past shop after shops selling plastic junk, $800 strollers. […]

Summer Noise: A Rant Against Leaf Blowers

Ah, summer, you break my heart. After long months of snow and frost, a long stretch of grey, rainy weather, summer’s arrival is very welcome. The warmth, the sunlight on your skin, the summer hat, the smell of sunscreen… People smile, say hi, drivers find more courtesy and patience, kids come out to play. But […]

Holmgren’s Melliodora

Holmgren’s place I’m oggling David Holmgren’s Melliodora, or at least what is avaiable of it for free on the net (the whole e-book seems worth it but is still AUS$35). You can check it out yourself here (go to publications, click on the e-book, then scroll down to the free demo). The Melliodora project is a model of what […]