Hummingbird Snap

We are seeing lots of new birds at our feeders this Spring: a Rose-breasted Grosbeak and a Catbird are making regular visits, and I’ve seen glimpses of an Oriole – bright flashes of yellow and black.  Perhaps someone advertised the Black Oil Sunflower seed I got for them at the Audubon shop? And yesterday I […]

Arts and Crafts on Robin Hill

Amie’s grandmother arrived to stay for 5 weeks. Amie brought a bouquet of buttercups to the airport and rode the escalators while waiting for Thamm to appear. They settled into a regimen right away, part of which is “school”, “where Thamm pretends to be a teacher, and I pretend to be a student, and our […]

The Mobility of Skills and Spirit

Someone asked me: What if you  would have to move now? This was with reference to the vegetable garden, to which I have devoted many, many hours of hard labor and a whole lot more of research, hopes and dreams. My answer was: It would be no problem. Really? You could leave all of this […]