Summer 2009 Tally and Notes for 2010 (#2)

This is the second in a series of posts tallying the Spring and Summer harvest in lbs, success, and satisfaction, and noting recommendations for next year’s Spring and Summer garden. Carrots The little carrots (Nantes) took a long time to grow (much longer than the packet advised) but in the end they shaped up nicely, […]

Art Work, Reading, Writing and Algebra

We’re all retreating into the living room around the warm fire. There’s so much to do in this contracted world. Art Not a day goes by when Amie doesn’t work at her art. She’ll often pronounce “I am practicing because I want to be an artist.” She enjoyed discovering the technique of splashing by rubbing […]

The 100-Books-a-Month Challenge

I discovered the Home-Grown Kids 100-books-a-month challenge through Sherry’s blog, and just knew Amie would go for it. We already read about 100 books a month, only they’re often the same ones. (Could it be we sometimes read the same book 100 times? It sure seems that way sometimes!) So our challenge will be to […]

Independence Days – Week 11

Independence Days goes on and on and, round and round. Not much to report this week: caught a bug and though it’s not getting worse, it’s not much getting better either, so I’m on a low fire here. Plant. Nothing. The mung bean sprouting didn’t go too well: I must be doing something wrong. Harvest. […]