Garden Photos on a Gloomy Day

Bees bearding the hive? Or just lots of traffic. Here’s a little video. Most of the noise is generated by the bees: Garlic scapes ready to pick – I’m waiting for a hot afternoon These are ready as well, but I’m holding out for red peppersĀ  (these are the overwintered pepper plants) Something pretty […]


Honey comb is white, brood comb is yellow I’ve had my bees for 5 weeks, and I’ve done 8 inspections, and yesterday I did a big one. I pulled out frame by frame, looked at each side for several minutes, spotting patterns, looking for mites and queen cups, just standing in awe of all those […]


I checked the mushroom bed and just under surface there is this: Mycelium, hopefully the King Stropharia that I sowed in it. There’s a chance it isn’t, of course. The pile of leftover woodchips, which I did not inoculate, looks exactly the same! Time will tell.

(Mostly) All in Pictures Today

Unwanted things: (1) (2) Things hung to dry: (3) Things newly trellised: (4) (5) Flowering things: (6) (7) (8) Things bursting: (9) (10) Take the quiz: (1) oak seedling (2) caterpillar on cherry tree (3) kale seed pods (4) favas (5) tomatoes in hoop house (6) can’t remember, sowed it under the bird feeder, bachelor’s […]

Harvests of Radish and Lettuce, and More Planting

We’re harvesting enough lettuce thinnings for a large three-person’s-worth every two days. I’m also pulling radishes. Last year I hated these radishes, the Easter Eggs. They were maggot-ridden, tough and bitter. This year they are sweet and crisp and perfect. I am also about to pick the first peas. I direct-seeded more lettuce and radish. […]