Dandelion Tincture (Part 1) and Today’s Harvest

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) Tincture wash leaves and roots chop put in jar with its menstruum or solvent, 100 proof alcohol (for the record, I had only 80 proof available, but that should be do) blend to expose more surface are to the solvent wipe ridge of jar, put wax paper over top (as a gasket), […]

Dandelion Harvest, Defensive Bees and Garden Blankets

I was bummed to find that there are not a lot of dandelions on our property. One of the first exercises in one of my herbal medicine¬† books is a dandelion tincture. I had to skip it because I couldn’t find any at hand. Today I went to Amie’s kindergarten school to pull the weeds […]

Last Big Harvests and Potting Up

last husk cherries hoop house tomatoes and peppers, and some rhubarb celery and parsley drying (yeah, they got mixed up) other drying herbs (safe, rosemary, marjoram, thyme, lovage) destined for the Excalibur potted up herbs, Amie and DH the Freecycle chipper now works! (just needed some oil and the eviction of a mouse)