Riot for Austerity – March, April and May 2012 – Months 41-43

I can’t believe it’s been three months since I calculated our Riot. But here it is, the Riot for the months of March, April and May of 2012 for the three of us. My summary of our first three years is here. Edson fixed the calculator: all go tither to crunch those numbers! Gasoline.  Calculated per person. Like […]

Earth Day is Our Day, First Edition, 2012

There were Segway rides After our “sermons”  on Sunday morning, April 29, we ran across the street to the Town Building (I just loved that, that we could just cross the street and be there). Behind the building lies the grassy “courtyard”, intersected by paths. It was already bustling with people, exhibitors setting up their tables, […]

Transition Wayland speaks at First Parish, Wayland, for Earth Day

Sunday April 29 was a big day for me! In the morning, I and my Transition Wayland colleagues Andrea Case and Wen Stephenson spoke before the First Parish congregation. First Parish, as my fellow speaker Wen Stephenson said, is like the nerve center of Wayland. I call it home because I have been going to […]