A Barn / Hoop House Raising, Part 2

Saturday started with a sprinkle of rain and thunder, then cleared up for a big turnout for our planned hoop house raising. Ten people came, friends, acquaintances and strangers (i.e., new friends) alike. First up was dismantling the structure and moving it from the summer to the winter position. Then everyone got to witness how […]

Hoop House Update, Bees, and Washing Indoor Plants

DH and I tried to save it, but the snow inside the “boat”/”float” is unapproachable. The bent pipes are still holding it up, about 1 foot off the ground, which is good on the one hand because the beds inside aren’t (totally) crushed, but which is also a problem because we can’t just jump in […]

What’s Growing in the Hoop House: Anti-Stress

Sorry to be so absent. It will get worse.¬† We are traveling to India on the 10th – will be back¬† on New Year’s Day. That is the plan. Thing is, our passports are still at the Indian Consulate without any explanation, or response to our emails, and no one ever answers the phone. If […]

Hoop House Fall Garden / Overwintering Peppers and Herbs

My Fall Garden? I guess most of it looks like my Summer Garden, only inside the hoop house (where it was a balmy 85 F today, contrasting with the 56 F outside). eggplants in hoop house Yesterday I moved most of the (sweet and hot) pepper plants from the outside beds into pots and then […]

Tool Shed (in Progress) and Hoop House Doors

Taking advantage of a beautiful Sunday morning some weeks ago, DH and I started building our garden tool shed. We both love this project because (1) it will collect my tools right next to my garden and (2) it makes room for a functional workshop for DH in our old and more “serious” shed – […]

$600 Movable Hoop House: Details, Pictures and Cost Analysis

Background Inspired by Eliot Coleman’s Winter Harvest, we built our first hoop house in December 2009.† We got it in place right in time for the first winter storm. It was made of pvc pipes and 6 mil landscape plastic. The only “specialized” thing about it was the clamps we used to clip the plastic […]