Holmgren’s Melliodora

Holmgren’s place I’m oggling David Holmgren’s Melliodora, or at least what is avaiable of it for free on the net (the whole e-book seems worth it but is still AUS$35). You can check it out yourself here (go to publications, click on the e-book, then scroll down to the free demo). The Melliodora project is a model of what […]

Article: Review of the Simply in Season Cookbook

Review of the Simply in Season Cookbook     I got to know about the Simply in Season Cookbook (Mennonite Herald Press) via a review for Groovy Green by Liz Deane (of Pocket Farm fame). Her review focuses on the ecological and geopolitical background of food and food production. Mine focuses on the cookbook aspect of […]

Reading Up and Chelsea Green Publishing

Book knowledge and experience  As you all know, I’m putting together The Plan. It’s quite a Plan so quite a Task. Never one to spontaneously jump into the unknown, I feel I need to prepare thoroughly. Being an academic, the first thing I reach for is book knowledge. I’m reading up on biology, ecology, agriculture, husbandry, energy, construction, as well […]

My weakness: possessing books

Reduce! The first rule of our more ecologically responsible lifestyle is reduction (ReduceReuseRecycle!). That means, of course, less consumption. Thus less buying. (Why “of course,” though? Why did I leave it unspoken in our Here and Now List“?) We haven’t been buying new toys or clothes for Amie, except what is absolutely essential. We are lucky to […]