Photograph of small farm on river bend


What do I have to do?

Preserve, not things,

But skills to make things

And skills to make the tools to make things

And the resources to make things

And the skills to preserve these resources


What do I have to build?

Soil, forests

strength, skill

community, hope


What do I have to learn?

Learn again what is necessary, what is not

And how to give and receive it

And how to live again with others

closely, in a natural, necessary bond


What should I leave behind?

What is not necessary


What is necessary?

Love and work, first of all

Beauty and rest, second

Community and hope, always.

Will these – just these – stand up?

They will.

Like a rock.


What am I doing?

I am educating myself

I am changing my lifestyle

I am building the foundation for a better future


History of this Manifest

  1.  started on the longest day of 2007, 21 June


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