Ever More Complex and Colorful Drawings

Amie’s drawing is becoming more complex and colorful every day. Something must have pushed her onwards. It’s amazing! Let’s see if Mama can keep up with the developments this time. Click on the pics to see them larger and also go to the Flickr set with Amie’s art work to see tags and notes; also visit the Drawing as it Develops page for the history of Amie’s drawing since she could hold a pen.

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Amie and Mama in the garden with bumblebee, ladybug / with birds and clouds and a big watering can, and flowers

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Amie in the garden (the bumblebees and ladybugs for some reason all have eye stalks, like snails) / Amie and Mama in the garden holding hands.


Amie swimming (on top) in the water with fish and shark with big teeth.


Top to botton: a rainbow, a rocket ship, a horse.

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