Amie’s drawing is featured in the second edition of Marjorie and Brent Wilson’s Teaching Children to Draw!


The series Drawing as it Develops features a month-by-month, illustrated study of my daughter Amie’s drawings:

  1. First Drawings of a Very Young Child: Amie at 16 months
  2. Circles, and Coloring Books (a Mistake?): Amie at 18 months
  3. More Circles, Graphs, and post hoc naming: Amie at 18-19 months
  4. Naming and Representation: Amie at 20 months
  5. Explosion of Color: Amie at 20-21 months
  6. How Toddlers see our Bodies: Amie at 23-24 months
  7. [blog entry] Setting a drawing example for Amie at 2.2 (2 years, 2 months)
  8. [blog entry] Amie’s First Tadpole Drawings: Amie at 2.4
  9. [blog entry] Tadpoles’ Mouths Move Outside Face: Amie at 2.5
  10. [blog entry] Tadpoles Also Have Hands and Feet: Amie at 2.5
  11. [blog entry] The End of the Tadpoles?: Amie at 2.5
  12. [blog entry] Tadpoles, trees, a bodied and four-legged deer: Amie at 2.
  13. [blog entry] End ofTadpoles (?) and Signing her Name: Amie at 2.7
  14. [blog entry] Amie Makes and Signs a Drawing, or “the 3 heads”: Amie at 2.7
  15. [blog entry] Still Drawing Strong, or “the ladybug”: Amie at 2.9
  16. [blog entry] Two-Step Artwork, “the baby beluga”: Amie at 2.10
  17. [blog entry] First Stab at Water Colors: Amie at 2.10
  18. [blog entry] Baba Carrying Amie, tadpole/full body mix: Amie at 2.11
  19. [blog entry] Play Dough, Blackboard Drawing of the Sun: Amie at almost 3 years
  20. [blog entry] Another Blackboard Sun: Amie at almost 3
  21. [blog entry] Writing and Dead Bunny Rabbit on Driveway: Amie at 3
  22. [blog entry] Collaborative Drawing: Amie at 3
  23. [blog entry] I can Do it Better: Amie at 3
  24. [blog entry] Heavenly Drawing Day at Drumlin Farm: Amie at 3
  25. [blog entry] New Drawings: Tigger, Pooh and Christopher Robin: Amie at 3
  26. [blog entry] Realism in Kids’ Art: Amie at 3
  27. [blog entry] Painting Birds: Amie at 3
  28. [gblog entry]: Owl Observational Painting Complete: Amie at 3
  29. [blog entry] Outdoor Hour Challenge 1and field book drawing
  30. [blog entry] Drawing Humans: Clothes: Amie at 3
  31. [blog entry] Learning Drawing from her Peers: Amie at 3
  32. [blog entry] Observational Drawing: 4 Pandas: Amie at 3
  33. [blog entry] Drawing Dinosaurs at the Museum: Amie at 3
  34. [blog entry]: Copying Drawing: Amie at 3
  35. [blog entry] Tree Drawing and Observational Drawing (Gone Awry): Amie at 3
  36. [blog entry]: Amie Draws the Cosmic Tree: Amie at 3
  37. [blog entry]: Amie Draws Jesus on the Cross: Amie at 3
  38. [blog entry]: Maps: Amie at 3
  39. [blog entry]: Clothes and Fingers: Amie at 3
  40. [blog entry]: Painting Flowers: Amie at 3
  41. [blog entry]: Arts and Crafts: Portraits and Sitting Still: Amie at almost 4.
  42. [blog entry]: Portrait Sketching: Amie at almost 4
  43. [blog entry]: The Artist Is At Work: Amie at almost 4
  44. [blog entry] New Drawings: Events, Spatial Relations, and Colors: Amie at just 4
  45. [blog entry] Ever More Complex and Colorful Drawings: Amie at 4
  46. [blog entry] Amie’s drawing is featured in the second edition of Marjorie and Brent Wilson’s Teaching Children to Draw!

These are complemented by:

  1. Children’s Tadpole Drawings: Some Theory
  2. A growing Bibliography of scientific research on the topic
  3. And be sure not to miss Tips and Resources for Drawing with Very Young Children.

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