Small questions and confessions

photograph of glass lemonade bottle

  1. Look at this beautiful glass bottle! Clean, easy to clean, quite difficult to break, not too heavy, with a good seal. So useful. Yet it – together with the lemonade that came in it – was only $2.99. Could that really be its cost? Could that really be its value?
  2. I still use my electric toothbrush – bought 5 years ago. How am I going to teach Amie how to brush her teeth (with a non-electric toothbrush)? And why am I still using electricity for something I can easily do on my own power. Still, I feel bad about throwing it out, as long as it works, and contributing to the wastepile… Trapped by a consumer product.
  3. A Pause for Beauty, the Heron Dance e-newsletter, arrived today. What a treat!
  4. I am addicted to the hot-water faucet at my kitchen sink. No matter how much I try to be conscious of it, it is the first tap I reach for… I’m working on it.
  5. The immensely loud lawn mowers employed by the large complex across from us, breaking the “silence” of our street when my daughter is napping (after a 40-minute struggle), nearly make me cry with frustration.

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