Painting Pumpkins

Amie painting pumpkins (c) Katrien Vander Straeten

Another painting project: painting pumpkins. They offer a nice surface to a brush loaded with acrylic paint.

Amie painting pumpkins (c) Katrien Vander Straeten

As you can see, Baba didn’t excape from the crafting project unscathed. But the pumpkin looks fantastic! One of these days we’ll sit down and Amie can add some features to it with yellow or white… probably she’ll paint the whole thing back to its original orange, which is her favorite color!

I caught a bad throat-infection and am lying low. The main thing is to “stay away” from Amie. I would hate for her to catch it as it’s so painful. I’m sleeping on the couch and I can tell she misses me in the bed  (*): she’s a little more sensitive during the day. I keep watching for signs that she is ill too – a sneeze, a little cough, a funny throaty sound… So far so good!

(*) Her own little bed is still there, but because it’s only Baba in the bedroom now she is back to co-sleeping in the big bed.

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