Still Sick but Friends are Coming

Ah well, I’m still not feeling better. Now the voice has gone too, which is such a pity because I can’t read books to Amie, or sing a song, or tell a story. Or even ask her whether she wants cheese or peanut butter… She takes it all in stride, though, and often whispers back at me, very seriously and sympathetically.

This weekend we’re having friends over from NY City. We have visited them and crashed at their place too often, but they rarely reciprocrated. They lead such busy lives! But this weekend they’re coming!

At first I was bummed that I am so sick, and that they’re actually visiting during those worst three days – the having to run out of the room kind of cough, no voice, falling asleep in my chair/sofa because of the penicillin… But now I’m thinking: what a great time to spend with friends! I will just be a better listener. They’ll forgive me if I fall asleep. And they’re the our-home-your-home kind of friends, not the high-maintenance kind. So I can relax.

Amie is thrilled too: their daughter is a year older and Amie looks up to her immensely. It makes for very interesting conversations/interactions. Let’s see if she’ll readily share her toys!

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