Crafting: Tearing and Gluing

Amie and the gluestick (c) Katrien Vander Straeten


Amie has taken a fancy to the glue. She has “glued” before: we put glue all over a sheet of paper and she stuck bits of paper and other things to it. But this time she wanted to glue.

This meant first tearing up a page out of a magazine. We were both of us, I think, rather surprised that it was the first time she had torn anything (on purpose), and that tearing paper doesn’t come naturally (but then, what does?).

So we had fun getting the hang of tearing first, and then Amie set to gluing. In the end I was the only one sticking the pieces onto the tree (in case you are marvelling over the even distribution of pieces). But Amie would have gone on putting the glue on for hours if I hadn’t pointed out our art work was finished.

So we’re crafting now, she and I together! It’s so much fun and I am beginning to (re)acquaint myself with the many craft-with-kids blogs out there.

Amie and the gluestick, result (c) Katrien Vander Straeten

(The result)

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  1. love your blog and have a link to yours from mine. Your lil cutie amie is a doll. Mine just turned 16 months, we also co sleep and are madly in love with Anika, our first. i loved the video of amie with the puzzles, she is so bright. hope you’ll are having a wonderful holiday.

  2. Hi Rebecca, yes I know about the Kids Crafts Weekly… I reviewed it a while ago on Suite101. I just love it!

    Hi Anja,
    thanks for the link! I will link to you too (soon… we only just came back from Singapore the day before yesterday, and Amie is still mightily jetlagged – and thus, though not by choice or inclination, am I). Your Thumki is very sweet and clever – love the birdie!

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