6 am and 6 pm

scones (c) Katrien Vander Straeten

The scones that Amie and Mama made this morning at 6 am. In the background some of the silver dinnerware Amie received as gifts from her family in India. While she was patting down the batter, she said “I’m a big girl. I’m doing a good job. I’m a good Mama”. I immediately forgave the mess of butter and flour.

Amie painting (c) Katrien Vander Straeten

Painting at 6 pm. We have phased out the plastics for food consumption, but those IKEA cups still do great service as paint containers. When we’re done, I simply stretch plastic wrap over them and seal them with a rubber band. Works like a charm.

In between we must have read at least 20 books, many of them twice, and took one nap, way too early in the day. We didn’t venture outside because Amie caught a cold. Hopefully we’ve contained it so we can visit Sinterklaas tomorrow.

She has been saying she wants to go. She will sit on Sinterklaas’ lap and tell him she’s been a good girl. I know what he will say (what I’ve instructed him to say): “You should eat your vegetables, tough”. Well, it’s worth a try! It will also be a great opportunity to catch up with our friends from Belgium.

Enjoy our Sundays, everyone!

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  1. Hey Katrein,

    Amie is so cute..she looks adorable with her concentrated look over her art work.

    I like the paint bowls idea, we have those same IKEA bowls, doesn’t everyone? Great colours and what a deal, huh?

    Is that a doll house you’ll made in the background? Do tell the details, that looks fun. Making the lil catepillar is real fun do post about it when you’ll make it.

    I had an idea for the top half of the egg carton, hold onto that too for a few days and see if you want to try own next project!

  2. Hi Anja,
    the doll house I made a while ago. It was meant for her little Playmobil guys (“The Manushes”), but she uses it for any doll that will fit. She is most taken with the “basement”. I blogged it here.
    Can’t wait to see your next project!
    There’s a funny cartoon in the New Yorker this week, about toddler’s art, here.

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