The People, Signing Her Own Name, Growth Spurt

Amie drew “The People” today. 4 of them. 1 big person and 3 tiny ones:

“People” by Amie, 20 Feb 2008 (c) Katrien Vander Straeten

She also signed her name on the back:

Amie signs her name, 20 Feb 2008 (c) Katrien Vander Straeten

We’ve been working on letters, and this is her first full written word (besides “8oo”, i.e., “Boo”). The A she has down pat. The M still tends to flatten out and go on at length. For the i and the e she needs a reminder in the form of a verbal description: “a line up with a dot on top”, “a line up and three short lines across”.

She has been very keyed up lately. Very repetitive, anxiously so sometimes, swallowing sounds and whole words in order to get it out as fast as possible: a song sung for the tenth time, a statement made the fifth time around. She talks and sings nonstop. She can’t fall asleep because her mind is racing. Her head hurts when you comb her hair. “Growth spurt,” we call it.

She has also been very imaginative, making up songs and stories, some cute (“Yesterday there was a dinosaur here and we played well together”) and some quite outrageous (“Mama pooped on the floor yesterday and I had to clean it up!” – so not true!).

Toddler life. Nonstop. Breathtaking.

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