Photograph of small farm on river bend

We are looking, in earnest.

We’re looking for a house, with at least 0.5 acre, in a beautiful town near Boston that used to be out of our league but that has now become possible, what with our somewhat increased income and lower real estate prices.

I’m dreaming away, but I’m also keeping the dreams on a tight leash (is that possible?). For instance: No, honey, it’s not a log cabin in Wyoming or a strawbale cottage in the Great North Woods. There won’t be wolves and moose and snowcapped mountains. But there will be land to grow carrots and potatoes and lettuce. Perhaps you can have a chicken coop + run (check with the town). And you might still spy a fox’s tracks in the snow.

And you’ll see, at least, the sky when I look out of the kitchen window!

Ah, we’re looking!

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