A Gift of Self-Sufficiency


Snow fell during the night and a good part of the day. It stopped by 3 and I set out. I used the tiny electric snow thrower that was given to us via FreeCycle, for about half the driveway, and shoveled the other half. Took me 2 1/5 hours in all for about 1000 sq.f. and 4 inches of snow. Thankfully it was very fluffy, so more air than water.

As I was shoveling, a couple strolled by on a winter wonder walk. The woman gave me an encouraging smile. The man frowned and said: “Why don’t you hire a plow, it’ll be done in two minutes!” “True,” I said, “only this is my gym workout, for free”. Her laughter was appreciative. His was skeptical.

I am proud of my self-sufficiency. And it really is not just about that: my two-hour workout made me healthier, so that might add at least another two hours to my life, or make two other hours fitter. At the very least it’ll deepen two hours of my sleep tonight.And the fitter I am, the more self-sufficient I will be…

It’s a gift.


On another note: half of the seeds arrived! We all gathered around to take the neatly stacked packets out of the box. The other half are on back order and are promised to arrive soon. Only one seed is out-of-stock, the Arnica, so I’ll have to find another supplier for that.

I’m also looking for a source of French Green Lentils. Or can I just plant the lentil I buy at Whole Foods? There is no information about where those come from, whether they’re hybrids, etc. Or are those too treated, to husked, so no longer viable? Any advice?

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  1. oh, i love getting the new seeds! mmm…

    lol re: shoveling .. maybe he was thinking that you were giving his wife ideas about *his* workout schedule. ;^)

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