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  1. Kaat, thanks for posting those two links in your comment. I really relate to them and actually they helped me to understand conceptually many of the things I was feeling, you are a great mind. I think I would really like for her to have a ‘surrogate’ mother figure while she is away from me, at least initially. She has never even had a babysitter, and to go form mama 24*7 to a very structured disciplined environment seems a little harsh..Is it montessori or is it the teacher? Read my long ranty post if you will.

    Yay for chickens=)

  2. Kaat, you are just lovely. thank you for your detailed message in my comment box…the crying did get better when her papa started dropping her off. She says to him with tears in her eyes, you just wait for two minutes okay and she says to me, eyes filled with tears, quivering lips, “mama you wait outside, okay?” There is a window but I’m so afraid to be seen, the teacher has said she will put up a newspaper on the door with an eye hole so I can watch unobserved. She saw me once and had the biggest fit of her life, of course. I just need to insist that she puts up that paper coz if she doesn’t see me a classmate says, hey its your mum and that’s the end of it! The worst day was in week two she cried for the whole two hours, they described that she cried and then she would work while crying and then wipe her own tears. Just the image of my child doing that makes me sad, but the teacher said, its good she’s learning to take care of herself..? I can’t really tell about the teacher. I guess you’re right I need to make a specific list of questions and make an appointment with the teacher, because I pick her up in the middle of the class and that’s hard to disrupt…that’s why I’m always so full of doubts..there is not enough communication going on…okay thanks my dear, I’ll keep you posted. Remind me again why Montessori is the right there a good book I should read? What do you think of Reggio or Discovery type schools that are more play based and less rigid..?

  3. Hurray! Chickens!

    I have TONS of suggestions! Buff Orpingtons are wonderful birds. The White Orpintons are a different breed, but also nice. If you like curious birds, check out the Speckled Sussex that come up to you like pets to be picked up. Chocolate color eggs by Cuckoo Morans, Really old but good standbys, dominiques. Depends on a lot of factors, whether you want them to be good in cold weather, hot weather, size of eggs, color of eggs, broodiness.

    Email me and I’ll send you a powerpoint I did for my Chickens 101 that outline a lot of breeds and their benefits and history….

  4. Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I am getting some chicken books from the library today, and I have already watched more chicken videos than I thought existed on YouTube. Orpingtons sound good… How many should I start with? Fun!

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