Garden Planning Software Review

The garden planning continues. A couple of days ago I wrote about GrowVeg, and I posted the garden plans I made with it. A reader in a comment mentioned a different gardening planner software (Plangarden) and I tried that out – as I was making drafts anyway. This is what I came up with, so far (click for larger):


Garden plan in Plangarden

There are things in Growveg that I like that I wish were in Plangarden and vice versa: the former, for instance, has quick info on the plants (which family, how much sun, etc.) and the latter has a nifty device for recording when you sowed and when you harvested.

CAUTION: Either program claims to space out the plants (i.e., you drag a row of kale across 8 feet and it places 4 plants), but neither program actually does that, or does it accurately. So you need to consult the books or internet, or your experience, and calculate. Because of this Plangarden is, IMHO, the better program, because it does allow you to record how many plants you plant in the row or area you assigned it.

There must be better, much more detailed softwares out there… Anyone?

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