My Child Will Not Eat Vegetables

Gasp! See that gap?


A lettuce was taken from under the shade cloth! Ah, there it is:


And here:


This last picture, my dear readers, shows a true miracle. For Amie will not eat vegetables. No peas, or corn, no cucumber, no cherry tomatoes, no broccoli. Mashed potato, yes, and rice, but that is it. Something to do with color and texture. Luckily she’ll eat any fruit you give her – but try convincing her that tomatoes are fruit!

Maybe she understood how important this very first harvest was – or maybe her Baba quietly told her… As soon as I came in with the handful of leaves she asked me: can I taste it? And after I washed it, she took a bite, and another, and another. Three, yes. And though she didn’t seem wholly convinced, and had no more after that, she congratulated me:

– Mmm, Mama, that’s pretty good lettuce!

It sure is!

Here she is again, hanging out with most of the seedlings “hardening off” in the afternoon  heat – maybe the hardening off only begins once theyre returned to the much cooler basement!


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  1. they’ve done all kinds of studies about how kids at schools will eat healthier food if they grew it. :^) how generous of her to try the lettuce *and* give you a compliment! :^)

    that last picture is wonderful. :^)

  2. It will grow on her. Daughter would not eat vegs (20 yrs ago) — today she’s a vegetarian — and studying to be a nutritionist/nurse practitioner …

  3. Congratulations!! And already she has good taste! Looks like she is bonding with the little veggies, too – Several people in the Growing Challenge last year found that their children were more excited to eat the veggies when they helped grow them. Ah, have something constructive and fun for them to do, tire them out, AND get them to eat vegetables – all with the same activity. ; )

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