Planted Potatoes

Three days ago I chitted the Dark Red Norland (early) and the Keuka Gold (mid-season) and they were all callused over and ready to be planted yesterday. I planted (sowed?) about 1 lb of each.

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I dug 3 trenches each 8 feet long (the length of our raised beds), added some well-rotted cow manure to the bottom, then put in the potatoes eyes up. Then I covered them with 3″ of soil, tamped the soil with my spade and watered them. We should see the plants coming up in a couple of weeks, then I’ll start adding soil as the stems grow until the trenches are filled.

That means my rows were not 2.5 feet apart (as is recommended), but only about 1 foot apart (our raised beds are 4 feet wide). Also, I put in each seed about 6 inches apart, not the recommended 8-12″. Gotta make do with the space we got. Call it “intense”.

That’s BED 5 filled to capacity (and beyond). This is the relevant part of my garden layout (so far) in Plangarden:


Or click on My Garden Design to see the entire garden (it changes every day; and I’m still debating whether I will get the subscription – $20/year, so I don’t know how long it will be available for you to see). Finished, unplanted beds are in light purple, whereas finished and planted ones (only BED 5 so far) are in brown. The beds I still need to dig and/or fill are in light green.

Today the tree work was completed, so I can go ahead and plant without fear of things being trampled or crushed (there was a lot of crushing: we’ll be resowing our lawn). So tomorrow, if the weather allows, I will plant BED 8 with onions (from sets), the broccoli, kale and leek seedlings, and radish seed. Perhaps I might even finish double-digging BED 6 while filling up BED 7 (which is all dug out)…

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