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  1. Hey Katrein, after 5 months of ‘not quite settling’ I have switched Anika to a Reggian inspired program, so there is more play, art, Spanish immersion, a home based setting, less pressure and loving care givers. She is loving it. I’m happy she’s happy but I was wondering if you could recommend a way that I could still do language with her, with Montessori tools, on my own. I would like her to progress with reading too, I was reading at 3 and a 1/2 in India and I would like to give her the same experience. Is there a book you recommend or are there some key tools I could buy? I guess language and math too would be good, right? Any ideas how I could go about this? Could you please respond to me on my email anjalikasharmaATyahooDOTcom if you get a chance? Thank you=)

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