Creative Itches

Amie came home from school with a cold on Friday, I kept her home this morning, but she’ll be going back to school tomorrow. But I also got it. Runny nose, sneezies, ringing ears, head ache – o please let me be better by the morrow!

It is especially annoying because I couldn’t make it to my pottery class this evening – the first class in three months! My hands were itching. I gotta make something!

So instead I made lists. TO DO when I get better, that is, this week, please:

  1. use up last peaches (pickle them?)
  2. make pickles with Farmers Market pickles
  3. bake bread
  4. make yogurt
  5. make no-churn butter
  6. investigate quilting
  7. investigate making soap
  8. make a big flower press
  9. learn to use that sowing machine, again

And TO DO, better sooner than later, but not this week:

  1. build cheese press
  2. build hand churner
  3. build bread oven
  4. build cider press
  5. build stovepipe oven
  6. build workbench with vises
  7. build solar cooker


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