We had our first frost last night and this morning the forecast changed from rain to sleet to snow.

There is no plastic on our hoop house yet.

I harvested our last beans and carrots of the season, and tiny eggplants, then pulled all the plants.

I rushed to transplant more seedlings and covered their bed with hoops and row cover, which I hope will not cave in under the snow (see appropriately gloomy picture, taken from bedroom window, which also shows part of the door setup). I transplanted the broccoli, kales and parsleys from other parts of the garden into another hoop house bed and tucked them in with straw. I also put straw over the garlic and rhubarb and onions, all of which are not in the hoop house.

I moved all the herbs into the porch and covered them with row cover – and was bitten by a huge spider guarding a fat egg sack. Eventually I want to move them into our “Annex”, which we keep at 40F in winter and has a large south facing window.

I ran out of light and Amie ran out of patience. It’ll have to do for now.

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