Independence Days – Week 11


Independence Days goes on and on and, round and round.

Not much to report this week: caught a bug and though it’s not getting worse, it’s not much getting better either, so I’m on a low fire here.

Plant. Nothing. The mung bean sprouting didn’t go too well: I must be doing something wrong.

Harvest. Usual (chard, kale, parsley). The one broccoli, I am happy to report, is growing a fruit – I’m happy to say it’s still exciting, to see a fruit grow. Harvesting the grass from the wheat berries.

Perserve. Roasted, pureed and froze more sugar pie pumpkin. Roasted the pumpkin seeds.  More pumpkins are stored in the basement, waiting for processing. Drying mint, sage, oregano and apples.

A good friend of ours came for a short visit and we showed him our pantry (the canned jars, the sugar and the bags of flour, beans and lentils in the chest freezer). It made him so intensely happy, and he gave me a hug, congratulating me. What a great reaction!

Waste not. Made field bag out of DH’s torn pants and the usual (Freezing our Buns, etc.)

Want not. No want-nots.

Build Community Food Systems. Nope.

Eat the Food. We ate what we harvested. I made a yummy fish-lentil concoction with the frozen bouillabaisse left over from our fish stew feast several weeks ago. And our homegrown basil pesto went over really well with our guest. We did do a take out yesterday, of Chinese food, since neither of us felt up to cooking: a sure sign I don’t have enough ready-made, warm-it-up meals in the freezer.


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