100-Books-a-Month-Challenge Update and Flu


Here is our list so far – click for larger but not necessarily for more legible.

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We just got a batch of Roald Dahl in, and more Cynthia Rylant books. Amie also loves Lauren Child’s books, for the stories (e.g., Charlie and Lola) as well as the illustrations. So I was excited to see she has illustrated Pippi Longstockin, but once I leafed through the book I doubted Amie would be charmed. Can anyone recommend a well-illustrated Pippi for me?

And in other news Amie caught the flu – probably H1N1 because it is the only flu in town at the moment. She was doing so well since we started her on daily raw milk, elderberry syrup, and an elevated dose (800 IU) of vitamin D. She came off the puffer (asthma medication) almost immediately – the month before we started, she needed 2 puffs every night. When she caught a cold 2 weeks ago, she had only the runny nose and some coughing, and no wheezing, so no puffer – a first!

Still, yesterday the first symptoms started and now she has a mild fever, a sometimes persistent cough, and mild trouble breathing. She’s mostly sleeping, but when she’s not, we’re reading books.

And in the meantime we’re 20 November and it’s 65F out.

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear Amie has the flu! Even so, I’m sure her immune is much stronger because of the regime you’ve had her on and that hers will be a much milder case for it.

  2. Great book lists! It’s so fun to know that others are in the reading challenge with us.

    Zoe (3 years old) is still recovering from (what the doctors say is) H1N1. It was a bit scary at one point because of the breathing problems. She acted normal, but had fever and cold symptoms. They refused to see her and we were worried she had a chest infection. I hope Amie feels better soon!

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