I know, it’s quiet here. First of all, we’ve been ill – Amie is much better now; we’re now even doubting whether it was the flu at all. Secondly I took the Training for Transition last weekend and I am still exhausted and exhilarated – too much so that I can’t yet write about it.

Today we are going to Thanksgiving with friends. It’s the first time in our 11 years in the States that we’ve been invited to have Thanksgiving with Americans. (Not that I was waiting for that; the coincidence just occurred to me.) I think we’ll add something to the party: our friendship and gratitude, of course, as well as an Indian (DH) and a European (myself) and the peaceful combination of those two (Amie).

I’ll be back soon, I promise. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. So glad to hear Amie is better. What a relief. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Ours is quite too, just DH and me.

    I’m interested in your Training for Transition course and will look forward to reading about it.

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