And Off We Go

Amie and I will be traveling over the next two weeks, so posting will be sporadic, if I post at all. We have a 9-hour plane ride ahead of us (BANG goes the Riot), and my main concern right now is which book to take. That, and getting a letter notarized in which DH gives his consent for me to take our daughter out of the country.

I’ve whittled it down to three:

Death, Sex by Tyler Volk and Dorion Sagan


In the Loyal Mountains by Rick Bass


Wolf Willow by Wallace Stegner


I’ve read about 1/3 of each of these and still can’t decide. Of course I would take The Book if only it weren’t so voluminous – both volumes will come along in my suitcase, though, along with Holmgren’s Permaculture.  Amie will read Charlotte’s Web. But hopefully we’ll both sleep on the plane.

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  1. Rick Bass won. But then we got to the plane late and had to stow the carry on in a real hurry. I didn’t have time to yank the book out and it was inaccessible throughout the flight! I watched a woman across the aisle ahead of me reading, nonstop, for 6 hours, on her Kindle, and I ached.
    “Swamp Boy”: best short story I’ve read in ages!

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