The Big Plans for 2010

After two weeks of virtually no blogging, it’s lists like these that can get me going again. Yesterday I listed this week’s goals, today I’m looking at the Big Homesteading Plans for 2010. There is some sort of order here, but don’t ask me which.

  1. Chicken coop (cob? attached to greenhouse? moat?) and 6 (?) chickens
  2. Bee school and beehive
  3. New patio and garden path, and small lawn in the back
  4. Remove asbestos tiles in basement and create root cellar there
  5. Plant bushes and small fruit and nut trees
  6. Better fence around veg garden, and gates
  7. Better, bigger compost system
  8. Small garden/storage shed in veg garden
  9. Start on permaculture flower garden up front
  10. Front drainage and filtration “creek” ending in wetland/pond
  11. Solar thermal collector/glass greenhouse (attached to front balcony)
  12. Woodworking shop/pottery studio: this is a big one because it means demolishing our rotting shed, pouring concrete over a larger footprint, and putting up a frame. In our town we are not allowed to do those things ourselves. Also, it would cost a lot of money (this problem could possibly be solved by no. 17)
  13. Earth oven for baking bread, pizza and drying firewood
  14. Pottery wheel from the engine of our old dryer
  15. Double our food self-sufficiency
  16. Get serious about our emergency supplies
  17. Finish novel, find agent, get published
  18. Get serious about Transition in my town

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  1. Good goals! Excellent list! I have to admit I envy your having a basement. We sorely miss having one.

    I especially wish you good luck on #17. That would be a wonderful personal accomplishment for sure.

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