Honey Garlic, Finally, Almost


Back in October I peeled about 50 garlic cloves, which I put in apple cider vinegar in a ball jar, and then plain forgot. You’re supposed to wait for only 6 weeks for the next part, but so we waited a bit longer. Tansy’s recipe is here.

I finally got around to the second part of the recipe yesterday evening: straining off half the vinegar – which I kept for a salad dressing – and replacing it with raw honey.  Oh, the aroma was to die for! When some of it overflowed, it proved to be fingerlickin’ good already!


But okay, we’ll wait another 6 weeks. Then thanks to my forgetfulness it might be a bit late in the season for a flu remedy, but it will not be too late for a treat.

Next year I’m making more of this, with homegrown garlic and, who knows, homegrown honey.

Tomorrow I am going to hit the neighborhood thrift stores for old quilts that I can make into heavy curtains for the two large bay windows in our living room. I’m also going swimming with Amie!

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