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With daytime temperatures in the single digits (F), I was motivated to cover the smallest, yet still considerably large, living room window with a thick quilt I had lying around. I just slung it over the curtain rod and then snapped on three of the handy pvc clips that hold the plastic to our hoop house. Then I tucked it in on all sides. It’s not what you could call sealed, but an improvement nevertheless. Amie likes it so much she wants to keep it on during the day, and I don’t mind because it still lets a lot of light through.

I’m hoping to find a couple of quilts that will cover the large bay window in the living room (to be removed during the day), and one small one for the bathroom window, where I will have to use a tension rod. All the little bits help.

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  1. You might want to google insulated shades. Someting like this:

    Some places sell a kit so you can cut the insulted fabric to size and install. I think the idea is you leave the shades open during the day for light and solar heat gain, and then bring the shades down at night to prevent heat loss.

    Most of these kits use magnet strips on the sides for a tight seal.

  2. Hi Ed,
    you’re right, we want to take the quilt down during the day because of the solar gain – it’s an East facing window, so that gain is not to be underestimated. The pvc clips make it easy to unclip and move aside. Thanks!

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