First Herb Seeds In


Lots of herbs have to be started early. So I started them:

  1. Greek Oregano (*) x12
  2. Sweet Marjoram (*) 3 rows
  3. Rosemary (*) x13
  4. True Lavender (*) x12
  5. Lemon Balm x12
  6. Lovage x12
  7. Valerian x 12
  8. Mints: Bee Balm 3 rows
  9. Mints: Common 3 rows
  10. Mints: Pennyroyal 3 rows

Luckily most of these (not the *) germinate at temperatures around 60F, so they don’t take up space on the heat mat.

It’s great to know, this time around, that the beds are ready, for all of them. All my herbs last year were stuck in pots and, though I did get to harvest the culinary ones, they never really thrived.

I put the Echinacea seeds into the freezer to stratify them. If I sow them in warm soil in 3 or so weeks, they’ll break dormancy and germinate, I hope.

In the interest of record keeping, I started the following growth chart (IN and OUT means sowed inside, or direct seeded outside):


Let’s see if I can keep this kind of record keeping up. If so, think of how colorful it will be in a few months! I’ll see if I can make it a public document, so you can see the updated one at any time.

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