Humongous Planting


Over five hours of fairly uninterrupted work I planted:

  1. Anise Hyssop (mint!)
  2. Aster: September Ruby NE
  3. Broccoli Blend 09
  4. Broccoli: Waltham
  5. Brussels Sprouts: Roodnerf
  6. Cabbage: Charming Snow
  7. Cabbage: Earliana
  8. cabbage: red express
  9. Catnip
  10. Chard: Bright Lights
  11. Chard: Fordhook Giant
  12. Charming snow cauliflower
  13. chives: Purlie
  14. Collards: Evenstar
  15. Cornflower: Bachelot Button
  16. eggplant: Applegreen
  17. eggplant: diamond
  18. Hyssop
  19. kale: White Russian
  20. kale: Winterbor
  21. Lavender
  22. leek: King Richard
  23. leek: King Sieg 09
  24. Lemon Balm
  25. Lobelia: Crystal Palace
  26. Lovage
  27. Maltese Cross
  28. Mustard: Early Mizuna Japan 09
  29. Mustard: Mild Kingdom 09
  30. Onion: Clear Dawn
  31. parsley: Gigante d’Italia 09
  32. pepper: hot: Czech Black
  33. pepper: hot: Habanero
  34. pepper: sweet: New Ace (hybrid)
  35. pepper: sweet: peacework
  36. pepper: sweet: purple beauty
  37. pepper: sweet:Valencia Orange 09
  38. Rosemary
  39. sage: Broadleaf
  40. spinach: Giant Winter
  41. Spinach: Longstanding Bloomsdale
  42. spinach: Space
  43. tomato, cherry: Sungold
  44. tomato, cherry:Be my baby
  45. tomato: cherry: husk cherry
  46. tomato: paste Heinz
  47. tomato: slicing: cherokee purple
  48. tomato: slicing: Ida gold
  49. tomato: slicing: pink brandywine
  50. tomato:slicing: Glacier
  51. Wormwood

Of course I am absolutely certain that I caught all the mice in my house and that not one will ever dare to come in for ever here-on-after.

Having that heat mat (for four flats) on that bottom shelf is so handy! I now have room for four more flats, on one shelf. There are a couple of seeds that escaped my attention today (the lettuces!), so probably that shelf will be filled up tomorrow.

We went to our Garden Center’s Winter Fair and of course bought more seeds. This time DH was in on it too (Habanero), as well as Amie. It’s good to spread the guilt obsession pleasure! Amie chose two annual flowers and one packet of Three Sisters seeds – she was very taken by the name, so that’s what she got. She also got to pot up a Marigold seedling and pet a parrot.

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