Rainy Days

Sudbury River at Saxonville – close enough

Its raining, again. Third rain storm of the month. Governor Patrick asked President Obama to declare my county (among others) a disaster area, and he did. “My” river, the Sudbury River, is overflowing onto already well-saturated grounds, flooding roads and basements. As for us, we’re up here on our hill and have no water trouble. The part of the front yard at the bottom of our hill that is flooded is destined anyway to become a seasonal pool or permanent pond.

The only rain trouble would be of the mood, but how convenient it has been, that the rain has been coming down on weekdays and that on weekends the sun has been shining. Last weekend left the inside of the house sorely neglected, but now I’ve caught up, having vacuumed, done and folded a mountain of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, dusted. In the basement I finished putting the final coat of paint on the hive, and primed the room that will become a library/study and (in a pinch) a third bedroom on one side, a storage and cold room/root cellar on the other. Also in the basement I watered the seedlings – they’re getting thirstier by the minute – and wished the rains would stop, so I could transplant some out, to make room for potting up others.

I look out and still it rains.

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