Scraping the Bottom

… of the rain barrel.

I had only one set up and it filled with the first rain, several weeks ago. Today, after many days of intense watering (intense for early Spring, that is), I used the last of it. This was good, as we wanted it lighter so we could move it in order to add another barrel to the setup. But the forecast was for a thunderstorm, and this has not materialized yet. So now I have no more pure water, and I balk at watering the garden with our chlorinated tap water as this would kill off all the innoculants.

Well, in any case, here’s our new barrel setup in the back:

The higher barrel overflows into the lower one via the smaller black tube on top. The lower one overflows into the drain via the larger, brown tube at the bottom.

I’m quite pleased to have replaced the cinder blocks. This is much nicer looking!

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