(Mostly) All in Pictures Today

Unwanted things:



Things hung to dry:


Things newly trellised:



Flowering things:




Things bursting:



Take the quiz:

(1) oak seedling (2) caterpillar on cherry tree (3) kale seed pods (4) favas (5) tomatoes in hoop house (6) can’t remember, sowed it under the bird feeder, bachelor’s button cornflower? lupine! (Thanks Barb!) (7) overwintered vetch (8) strawberry (9) peas (10) tomatoes

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  1. I have been watching your garden come together and it has inspired me this spring to try a few new things. I love that you are keeping bees now and although I know it is impractical for us, I would love to have bees some day too. We witnessed a swarm a few weeks ago and it was amazing.

    I think your mystery flower #6 is some kind of lupine…pea shaped and the leaf looks like a lupine as well. Just my 2 cents.

    Thanks for sharing your garden adventures.

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