Garden Photos on a Gloomy Day

Bees bearding the hive? Or just lots of traffic. Here’s a little video. Most of the noise is generated by the bees:

Garlic scapes ready to pick – I’m waiting for a hot afternoon

These are ready as well, but I’m holding out for red peppers  (these are the overwintered pepper plants)

Something pretty in the side bed, don’t know what

The comfrey patch: all the transplanted roots and shoots made it

This was the best surprise in one of the potted cauliflowers. It was not there two days ago, and now it is. I’ll have to wrap it up as soon as it stops raining. The cauliflowers in the beds are bolting, I’m afraid.

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  1. That mystery flower looks like an astilbe. They do well in shade or sun.

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