Last Big Harvests and Potting Up

last husk cherries

hoop house tomatoes and peppers, and some rhubarb

celery and parsley drying (yeah, they got mixed up)

other drying herbs (safe, rosemary, marjoram, thyme, lovage) destined for the Excalibur

potted up herbs, Amie and DH

the Freecycle chipper now works! (just needed some oil and the eviction of a mouse)

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  1. Oh, everything looks so pretty! Are husk cherries the same as ground cherries?

    I saw your note on the blog and wanted to let you know that the kale seeds have not arrived…but sometimes things get tied up in the Chicago post office before they make it out here. Thank you so much for sending them! It is still warm enough here that I am just now planting some cool weather crops to try under low tunnels this year.

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