Plans for the Weekend

The weather turned “normal” again: hovering above freezing at night, in the 50s during the day. This weekend is going to be sunny, too. Last chance to really make a difference in the garden!

  1. get more horse manure
  2. finish other side of hotbox
  3. transplant seedlings into finished part of hotbox
  4. plant garlic and Egyptian onion
  5. sow Fall flower and herb seeds (nettle, nasturtium, echinacea, etc.)
  6. sow carrots and peas
  7. plant two elderberries, mulch with straw
  8. move one Earth Machine + contents to Winter hoop house location
  9. turn compost
  10. weed and mulch strawberries, currants, gooseberries, elderberries, hazels, kiwis, blueberry, raspberries
  11. weed and mulch all beds not used in Winter
  12. take down a couple of small trees?
  13. rake leaves and shred them (first pile them of course, for Amie)
  14. clear gutters
  15. store hammock :(  (though I must say I never had much chance to lounge in it this Summer)
  16. store patio table and chairs
  17. store all but one rain barrel

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