What’s Growing in the Basement?

In order of sowing:

  1. scallions
  2. chives
  3. mizuna
  4. Evenstar collards
  5. rouge d’hiver lettuce
  6. Olympia spinach
  7. Bloomsdale spinach
  8. Mache
  9. Champion collards
  10. Claytonia
  11. Space spinach
  12. Red marble onion
  13. Bright lights chard
  14. Ventura celery
  15. Safir celery
  16. Redventure celery
  17. Dianante celeriac
  18. Wintebor kale
  19. Russian kale
  20. Brussels sprouts
  21. Waltham broccoli
  22. Krausa parsley
  23. rube red New England Aster
  24. Giant Winter spinach
  25. Cornflower
  26. Lobelia
  27. Tom Thumb bibb lettuce
  28. Crystal palace blue lobelia
  29. Lincoln Leek
  30. Lavendula Angustifolia
  31. pennyroyal
  32. elecampane
  33. wormwood
  34. monarda bee balm
  35. hyssop
  36. valerian
  37. salad burnet
  38. garlic chives
  39. minutina
  40. maltese cross

That makes for one shelf with heat mat and 3 shop lights (6 bulbs) and 1 shelf with 3 shop lights.

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  1. Aaaah, those mice… It was fine until I had to deploy the bottom shelf of the array. I’m afraid some of those charismatic Good King Henry seeds have been eaten. No casualties on top, yet. Have to set some traps, I’m afraid.

  2. I’m growing butrnteut squash and can’t wait to pick them. The great thing is the squash last a long time even after you pick them. might pick up a blue hubbard squash at a local farm soon.

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