Ginger Soda Can Be Hazardous to Your Life

I opened my last bottle of ginger soda yesterday.  It had been in the fridge for two weeks – I had sort of forgotten about it till now. I did open it over the sink…

Yeah, blew the top right off! My bottle! And then, when I poured it…

DH and I finished the whole bottle at once, of course because we couldn’t close it anymore. No one got hurt. But now we know how dangerous this soda making can be. Always open the bottle outside or on the porch, and make sure no one’s in range.

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  1. That’s a wow. I’ve read quite a few ginger beer failures on various blog posts that at least here’s one success! Good words of advice however.

  2. I brewed my own ginger beer on two separate occasions, 20-some years apart. The first used granulated sugar and ginger extract and was terrible. The next was pure as rain and…pretty darn good! Monitor all “variables” and success is pretty well assured as far as drink-ability is concerned, master a few details and leap forward in quality!

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