Freaking out: IEA: 5 years or that’s it!

Okay, so now I am freaking out. The IEA  now says that we have five years to change our fossil fuel infrastructure or we’re headed for irreversible climate change, or  the world will “lose for ever” the chance to avoid dangerous climate change.

“The door is closing,” Fatih Birol, chief economist at the International Energy Agency (IEA), told the Guardian. “I am very worried – if we don’t change direction now on how we use energy, we will end up beyond what scientists tell us is the minimum [for safety]. The door will be closed forever.”

There you have it from a usually very conservative source.

Note also that they want levels to “be held to no more than 450 parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere).” That’s still 100 ppm MORE than what many other scientists and activists (including Bill McKibben) say is safe.

Today is just one of those days…

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