350 Poems – Poem 4

I wrote this poem sitting in the reading room in the  Weston library, where a friend brought me after a brisk walk in the fresh February air. It is to go with an illustration by DH and Amie and will be a birthday present for a dear friend.

The inkling

Some things just must be said

Some things just say themselves

If only for a mouth

I just need to sit here and watch the fire

And know it

That it works and has worked for all time

That it is showing itself

And I would be an oracle for it

Is that what we are

The ones who can say it poetically

And once we have said it

Are we done here?

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  1. Is it fair to send a poem as a birthday present and then expect one back? Fresh air inspires me too, and walking and visioning and imagining with a friend.

  2. Beauty unspoken is spoken most
    Love spoken most is lost in the maze,
    Why not-
    ponder over the inkling
    Follow you heart,
    Breathe fresh air
    feel the dew
    on the grass,
    Walk in ecstasy
    to an enchanting journey,
    we call life.
    love blossoms……..

  3. Andrea,
    probably not, but that’s what I’m going with, because I’m going to need every poem I can get to make it to 350 before I croak!

    it was wonderful to see your poem. Thank you! This one won’t have one of you illustrations, but the next one will.

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