Just for my own satisfaction (sanity?), a reckoning of the elements in place or about to be in place here at Robin Hill Gardens:

  1. Veg gardens, all grown from seed (reasonable harvests, gardener needs more experience)
  2. Hoop house (12’x20′)
  3. Solar PV array (5.1 Kw – supplies 100% of electricity)
  4. Medicinal herb garden (minimal, needs more attention)
  5. Cherry tree, nut and berry bushes, 2 kiwis (none of them producing as yet)
  6. Apiary (3 hives) - coming up: 150 lbs (?) of honey
  7. Avian dinosaurs (4 pullets) - coming up: eggs!
  8. Rainwater catchment (5×60 gallons) - coming up: two 275 gallon toters
  9. Compost (3 bins 4x4x4 and 2 Earth Machines and sundry leaf and wood chip piles)
  10. Garlic house for curing garlic (Amie’s play set house: works great!)
  11. Solar clothes dryer
  12. Member of a CSA (carpooled too)
  13. Reasonable number in the 90% Reduction/Riot for Austerity
  14. Firewood – wood grown on property – for three winters
  15. coming up: homemade honey extractor
  16. coming up: homemade solar oven / beeswax melter
  17. wishing for: solar hot water (involves thermal collector and new water tank, possibly electrical on demand)
  18. wishing for: high efficiency replacement for one car
  19. wishing for: trailer for other car (“work horse”)
  20. wishing for: more fruit trees
And, in the immediate vicinity:
  1. Transition Wayland
  2. Solarize Wayland
  3. BEElieve Beekeepers Club
  4. Wayland Green Team
  5. and other friends working on our town’s resilience

There, I feel better.


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