Harvests so Far

This year I’m not weighing the harvest. I used to enjoy it and would still enjoy it today, but I no longer have the time or the need to do so. I hope it’s not too arrogant to say that, in my fourth year, I have a pretty good idea of how the garden is doing. I don’t need lbs. and oz. to tell me that the yield is again not very spectacular (not enough, not the best we can do) or, more importantly, to show me where to make improvements next year.

I froze some green beans but they did not put out a second round of flowers (as yet?). The peas were yummy but not prolific enough. The peppers, eggplants and tomatoes too have so far been disappointing (the tomatoes less so). The plants in the hoop house, due to the lack of consistent irrigation (I missed one crucial watering) dropped an entire crop of flowers. I planted just a few potatoes and they might not make it to maturity. The corn went in too late as well, I think. All the garlic grew, but not very big.

But basil proliferates and we’re all stocked in pesto. What to do with all those hot peppers? Chard and kale are doing well. The zucchini, squash and cucumber that were impossible to grow in previous years are thriving beyond our present consumption and I’m happy to start putting them up. There is a big honey harvest, and we’re looking at fresh eggs in a few months. Also, we are part of a local, organic CSA, which plugs our gaps, and then some. In the Fall I’m looking forward to digging a lot medicinal roots as the elecampane, echinacea and licorice will be ready.

We eat wonderful meals, every day, largely from home-grown or locally grown food. Life is good.





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