The Ladies’ Gifts

This morning Amie and I were so thrilled when we opened the nest box. There, on the bare plank (I hadn’t put any bedding down yet), was the cutest egg you’ve ever soon, a tiny pullet egg.

We couldn’t tell which of the four ladies laid this egg, but Pecky was the one who protested the loudest when we took it away.

After Amie came back from school we found two more: one in the corner of the run and one in the nest box again (now divided and cozy with wood shavings), later in the evening. I think one of  the earlier ones must have been from yesterday, but the other two… We probably have two pullets laying now.

These eggs are so small (here they are next to a store-bought Large brown egg) and fabled to be very rich and delicious. Tomorrow I’ll made an omelet for myself and a boiled egg for Amie. And they’re here right on time.  Next week my parents are visiting and my dad loves eggs, has them every day.

What a great gift! Thank you, ladies!

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  1. Oh, there’s NOTHING like the excitement of finding those first pullet eggs, is there? Four years on and I’m still tickled pink every fall when I find the first one :)

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