The Chicks Meet the Chickens


My day of rest after Earth Day Weekend involved gardening: watering, weeding, some sowing (calendula, chamomile), staking and training the sour cherry and continuing to lay the drip irrigation (hard on the hands, that). It was pretty warm, above 70F, so the fig trees came out, as well as the two chicks. I knew that cage I picked up from the Give-and-Take at our Dump would come in handy. Much better than last year’s table chicken tractor, featured below with gratuitous hawk:


After letting our current two chicks get used to being outside, in the grass and sun and wind, I took them over to the coop to meet the four chicks that were cowering flat on their bellies in the grass almost one year ago, now grown into proud super-laying hens. I shot this little video.

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